Experience in Land Development
Mark Robertson's Imagination for Land Surveying
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History and Work Experience:

I have spent a great deal of time in the field, in various capacities, working in the construction industry. I have also put in my share of hours in the office, in meetings, and working with local officials. This variety has provided me with a comprehensive view of construction. This has provided me with scope that allows me to work in many capacities, and to work with others effectively (because I know what they're trying to accomplish).

My professional experience began when I was about twenty years old. I changed my goals in school and started working full-time for McCollester Construction where I worked in general, residential construction. I loved the job and I learned a great deal.

Before leaving general construction in order to return to school, I became a job foreman at Latco Buildings. At this job, I had as many as eight men working under me in addition to a company truck, a cell phone (and a good salary). That experience has proven itself to be quite useful in subsequent work.

Returning to school didn't halt my work experience. I continued to work full-time to pay for classes. Stahl Specialty Company provided the kind of work that I needed. They were also willing to work with my unusual schedule because they ran three shifts. I worked the "B" shift, 3:30 to Midnight. Despite this difficult pace, I continually made the Dean's List (a feat I am especially proud of). But Stahl's also gave me a continued opportunity to develop management skills. Because of my background with construction equipment I was asked to operate a forklift on the foundry floor. That put half of the factory indirectly under my coordination. I also was exposed to the very strict guidelines of the automotive industry. Because Stahl's sold parts to all of the major auto brands it had process and quality control measures that I had not previously seen on a job site.

Next, I enjoyed an internship with Fuqua Homes. This temporary position became permanent after the internship was finished. Having just finished my Bachelors in Drafting at UCM (CMSU), I was now able to devote my full attention to a job that was closer to construction. Drawing custom floor plans was actually quite exciting. I wish that I had had more contact with the customer. In effect, my "client" was really the salesman and those on the factory floor. It was a great job to have right out of school because it called on my previous construction experience as well as my degree in drafting and combined them in a way that was helpful to my continued real-world education. In addition, I was able to implement the process control that I had learned at Stahl and develop a habit for consistently producing the top-quality work that was demanded.

The Mobile/Modular home market is very volatile and at some point Fuqua could not continue to sustain my position. I then sought and obtained a position with Trabue, Hansen & Hinshaw, Inc., Consulting Engineers. I started as a structural drafter, but within a few months I found myself on a survey crew. That was when I knew I had found my ideal profession. I was more at home than I had ever been! So, I soon started taking the required course work to become a professional land surveyor myself.

After I had finished the additional schooling that is required by the State of Missouri (12 hours of class work!) I found that I had enough time after work to help my sister, Sarah, and Jeff, her husband, build a new home. Jeff and I worked very well together so we decided to start a residential construction company called Diamond Builders. A booming housing market in the local area made that partnership seem like the perfect addition to the surveying and engineering work I was doing.

Running a construction business like Diamond Builders has given me first-hand knowledge of what it is like to have money on the line and to need advice from a professional surveyor for the resolution of practical and legal problems. The experience of owning and running a business is like no other, and it adds to what I can provide an employer or client because I have been in the same position.

As of July, 2008, I have been professionally licensed in the State of Missouri and with my wide ranging experience, as described above, I believe that I am well equipped to serve the public with all of their land development needs. Be it surveying, engineering, public or private development, commercial or residential construction, or team management, I am ready to provide expert service and quality results!

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